The holidays are here and now comes the annual struggle of trying to find the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. If you have someone in your circle of friends that suffers from terminal wanderlust, here you will find some very affordable suggestions for practical and cherished gifts.

Travel Hair Straightener

Just because we love to travel doesn’t mean we don’t want to look our best, right? With bag fees what they are these days, storage space comes at a premium. This very portable and lightweight hair straightener is perfect for your wife, sister, daughter, anyone who wants to straighten their hair. You can find it at our travel partner King Family Outfitters but we have included the product link HERE.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

One of my biggest challenges while traveling is keeping my stuff organized without using a ton of plastic ziplock bags (who wants to fill the landfill with those things anyway?). For those of us divas that love rings and earrings, this travel organizer is perfect because it keeps things compartmentalized, is compact, and won’t take up that precious storage space in your bag. You can find it HERE and have color choices to choose from.

Magic Pouch

There are plenty of cosmetic bags to choose from out there but the Magic Pouch stands out. You can store plenty of cosmetics and toiletry items but you can view them all easily without having to empty it out. Simply open the pouch fully and you have everything at your fingertips while remaining safely contained in the bag. Order early (they have free shipping) before they run out! Find the Magic Pouch HERE.

Wallet with RFID Technology

Help protect your favorite gal pal with this cute clutch wallet with RFID technology. If you aren’t familiar with RFID technology, that is what is current practice to protect your credit cards from being scanned from a distance. The last thing anyone need while on vacation is identity theft. This wallet not only protects them but also keeps everything nicely organized. Click HERE to order it.

Samsonite Hardshell

The Samsonite Hardshell is pretty as well as super practical. Samsonite is known for quality and it is very attractive in teal. It will keep your friend’s belongings protected in its hard shell and glides easily on rollers. Our travel partner has a great deal right now but be sure to order it early because it is likely to sell out. Find it HERE.

You have just over four weeks to get your shopping done but hopefully this article makes it a tad bit easier. Better than impersonal gift cards, these items will help your loved ones travel better or easier and they won’t break the bank! I hope you have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving and make the most of your Black Friday shopping!

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