An Unsolved Crime in Villisca

Villisca is a small town in the southwest quadrant of Iowa.  Being a city girl, driving around Iowa was a real treat for me.   Beautiful scenery and friendly people made my excursion through Iowa one of my favorite roadtrips so far this year.

Villisca is known for the infamous, unsolved crime that occurred in June 1912 in which a family of six and two family friends were brutally killed with an ax.  There are many theories about who did it and the motivation behind it but the truth will likely never be known.  My friends and I stayed in the “Villisca Axe Murder House” and spent hours investigating the alleged paranormal activity for which the house is known.  Three of us slept in the room in which the Moore kids were killed while the others slept downstair.  The downstairs bedroom is where the Stillinger girls were murdered.

We experienced a few things on our meters but nothing profound.  While upstairs in the children’s room, we didn’t hear very much however we did observe a ball move in a circular pattern near one leg of the crib.  Unfortunately the cameras we had were not aimed at the floor so we didn’t get it on video to review and debunk.  We did however attempt to recreate the pattern of the ball’s movement by walking around the ball or causing vibration in other ways, but we were unsuccessful.

We also investigated an old school in Maxwell, IA.  I am not sure why the school is potentially haunted but we did experience a lot of unexplained sounds/noises, light anomalies, and two of us saw a shadow figure in one of the classrooms.  With four levels and 18,000 square feet, the school offered us plenty of space to seek out the spirits that may reside there.  My thought is that the activity there is likely residual instead of an active haunt but it will take more visits to this location to make that determination.  You will find information on this location in a separate blog post.

All in all, this paranormal adventure did not disappoint. A sadness hangs over the house… is a sadness that is almost tangible and can be felt even by those that were not directly affected by the tragedy.  In the hustle and bustle of my day, it is easy for me to forget that horrific things happen now as they did back then. It is a gentle reminder to stop, reflect, and to be grateful for the life that I have.

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