The Ghosts of the Old Tri-City Hospital (Dallas)

The Old Tri-City Hospital sits quietly in the Pleasant Grove area of DFW.  I visited the hospital on four different occasions and had the pleasure of investigating it overnight.  It stands empty now but was used for a period of time as a movie set.




The primary building of the Tri-City Hospital was built in 1957 as a 4-story, 124-bed, not-for-profit acute care facility.  The facility closed in 2000 due to cuts in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements (Dallas Business Journal).  A second building was added in 1990 as a clinic and medical professional building.  The two buildings combined offer paranormal investigators 125,000+ square feet for a night of paranormal research.


The Hauntings


I was unable to find specific incidents that might lead to the alleged haunting of the Tri-City Hospital.  I heard that many patients had suffered abuse and neglect, but I was unable to find any documented cases.  During it’s lifetime the hospital undoubtedly saw illness, tragedy, and death on a daily basis so its no surprise that a spirit or two might remain.


The hot spots I was made aware of are the emergency room, morgue, and psych ward.  Those areas tend to be the hot spots of  the hospitals I have investigated over the years so I already planned on spending some time in those areas.  I didn’t hear anything about the second building but I investigated it anyway.

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My Experiences


The morgue area gave some great evidence.  We set up a video camera on a cart  while we were investigating on another floor.  When we returned, we noticed the camera had shut off.  We turned it back on and watched it, and while initially we saw and heard nothing, we ultimately observed the camera move from side to side twice just before shutting off.  Our entire group was locked into the hospital and we were all together on the other floor.  We saw nothing in front of  the camera and we have no way of knowing what was behind it.


In the psych we saw shadows down at the end of the hall and we caught footsteps and voices on our audio recorders.  The hospital is not far from the street so it is possible that the voices were contamination from the street but, the psych ward being on the backside of the building, I think it is unlikely.  The voices sounded like a conversation between a man and a woman and they seemed to come from a patient room.

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In the emergency room area, we witnessed something low to the ground peeking it’s head out of a door.  Whatever it was, it was dark in appearance, stood upright, and was about 3 feet tall.  It seemed fearful of us because, when we began to approach, it disappeared and we never saw it again.    While we had a fair amount of experiences in various locations of the hospital, I never felt the energy (or energies) to be negative.


I don’t know who owns the property so I don’t know if there is a way to enter the building legally.  When I visited, there was a caretaker on the property that let us into the hospital but I have heard there is no longer a caretaker onsite.  The location is big enough that you could take a dozen people and investigate the two buildings with minimal contamination.  A FLIR would be helpful to identify any animal activity that might be present.  If you get a chance to check this place out, I think you will have a great time!

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2 comments on “The Ghosts of the Old Tri-City Hospital (Dallas)

  1. Cheryl Glass on

    I worked at tricity hospital , we had a great team , provided a great service the community . It did not die from medicare and medicaid cuts it , died from mis management , embezzlement and fraud from upper management . At 1 point we were told they could no longer afford the security and to pack a weapon to and from your car. I watched as they repossessed the icemakers , no clean linen and we nurses washed the linen and bought groceries , and then our last 2 paychks we NEVER RECIEVED . and they moved the pt’s in the night and put padlocks on the doors . It was destroyed by greed . And ,so all of us that worked there , and the pts, paid the price. And there was not any abuse to patients that I ever knew of .

    • Annette Luevano on

      Thank you for responding. I’m sorry to hear you negatively affected by the situation by not getting paid. The last two owners told me how they came to own the place, and I have heard so many stories about it. I don’t know which ones are true at this point. In any case, I hope no one was abused.


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