Haunted Hales Bar Dam (Tennessee)

The Tennessee River is approximately 650 miles long and runs through some of the most beautiful areas of Tennessee. Haletown, TN, lies about 20 miles west of Chattanooga and is home to Hales Bar Dam.  A privately funded project, the hydroelectric dam was built for the purpose of providing electricity as well as providing better navigation of the river.


The dam was scheduled for completion in 1907 however foundation problems delayed it until 1913.  The dam functioned for many years however it could not overcome the foundation and leakage problems that plagued it. Sadly, it was ultimately demolished in 1968 and replaced with the Nickajack dam just over 6 miles downstream.


Six friends and I went to Tennessee specifically for the purpose of seeing the dam.  We were met with great weather and very hospitable people.  It was a nice respite from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey that battered our great state of Texas (although I personally did not experience any damage).  The Chattanooga area is full of history and has a lot of options for vacationers of all ages.


Hales Bar Dam has countless reports of paranormal activity from many, many paranormal groups.  Being adventurous and willing to travel for another paranormal adventure, we decided to go check it out for ourselves. So many of the locations we visit are in considerable disrepair however the condition of the building is much better than we expected. Having 3 floors and the tunnels below it, we had plenty of square footage to investigate.


The marina has slips, cabins, and a restaurant so noise pollution is a factor to consider for paranormal investigators.  Fortunately for us, the live music didn't last long into the night and it was quiet all night long. (For more info about the marina and the amenities it offers, go to https://www.tnvacation.com/local/guild-hales-bar-marina-resort.)


So who are the spirits that haunt the dam? Well there are supposedly three people that died during construction of the dam and remain within the walls to this very day:  two on the ground floor and one of the second floor.  In addition, there is the spirit a young girl that reportedly lives within the dam.  She was allegedly strangled by her married lover when he found out she was pregnant.


On the second floor where the girl is said to remain, we experienced activity on our equipment (Rempods), often times when we mentioned babies and motherhood.  Could it be the young girl?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

A look inside Hales Bar Dam.

We had so much activity on and off that we spent most of our time on the second floor.  We also thought we heard one of the locker doors slam shut however continued review of evidence is underway.  In all honesty, additional trips to the dam will be necessary to determine if what we experienced was truly paranormal.


Overall, the trip to Tennessee was well worth the time, money, and effort.  Lookout Mountain area is gorgeous and just driving around gave the city girl in me a thrill. My suggestion to other paranormal teams considering a trip to Hales Bar Dam is to make a weekend out of it. There is enough space here that it would take at least two nights to thoroughly investigate the entire place.


The staff that met us for the night were super nice and accommodating, and were easy to reach before and during the investigation (they remained onsite but outside).  I think we will definitely be back to Hales Bar Dam in the future but we will stay in one of the floating cabins!


For more info on the area, the river, and the dam, go to http://tennesseeencyclopedia.net and


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