Wan Chai

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All in all, Hong Kong’s notorious center of lowlife is fairly tame these days, with a bustling mix of hotels, shops, and convention facilities. This doesn’t mean that the old neighborhood has lost all its character. A few blocks back from Wan Chai's new office blocks are crowded alleys where you can still experience old Hong Kong and stumble across a wet market, a tiny furniture-maker's shop, an age-old temple, and yes, the strip joints, dive bars, and gambling dens that have long made the quarter popular with denizens of the night. Like all of Hong Kong, Wan Chai is quite safe after dark, but single women strolling the streets in the wee hours might get unwanted attention from groups of drunken tourists.


Lovers’ Rock

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Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Land is so scarce in Hong Kong that developers usually only build skyward, but the HKCEC juts into the harbor…

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Comix Home Base

Devoted to the creative and quirky world of comics and animation, this center celebrates local artists by offering up ample…

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