Haunted Adventures

What is Haunted Adventures by No Ordinary Travel?  Well it is just what it sounds like!  Haunted Adventures will offer group trip events to some of the most notorious and infamous places with paranormal history.   We will visit places in the United States and beyond!  Our group events will be set up so that ANYONE can attend.  


In addition to doing this for our own group events, we are happy to create a Haunted Adventure trip just for you and your friends.  All we need from you is your intended destination, a particular haunted location of interest in that city (i.e. haunted hospital, hotel, school, etc), and a group headcount.  If you aren't sure, we can give you ideas based on the preferences of your group.   We can arrange air and land packages so all you have to do is show up and have fun!



Not all locations are suitable for children or those with mobility issues.  Some of the locations we visit are not functional and are essentially abandoned or in a state of disrepair.  We can discuss this on a case by case basis and will work diligently to accommodate all of your accommodation requests.  Since we do not own or manage the sites we visit, some things will be out of our control.