Haunted Christmas Tours

Things go bump in the night all year long.  Why not check out these tours and hear about the ghosts of Christmas past while enjoying the festive glow of Christmas lights?  Grab some hot coffee or cocoa before you go!   I pulled the tour descriptions right from the tour listings so be sure to check out all the details to make sure they are appropriate for all ages and abilities.

(Don't forget to mask up and practice all precautions to keep yourself safe!)


    Before Santa and sugarplum fairies arrived on the scene, Yuletide was a lot less sweet.  With the horned

    creature Krampus as your guide, take a delightfully wicked, candlelit romp through downtown Salem as

    you explore ancient winter solstice traditions.  While winding through the town’s darkened historic streets,

    hear tales of macabre pagan traditions and folklore that pre-date modern Christmas cheer.  With

    storytelling fit for a Grinch, you’ll want to leave the kids to home for this one.


  • Discover the darker side of winter holidays on an adults-only storytelling stroll

  • Hear about pagan rituals and folklore designed to scare children and welcome the darkest season of the year

  • Walk through Salem's historic and haunted old town by candlelight

  • Led by a guide dressed as the horned alpine creature Krampus


     For the last 100 years, Americans have kept ghosts in their place, letting them out only in October. It’s no               coincidence that the most famous Christmas story is a ghost story. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was           first published in 1843, and its story about a man tormented by a series of ghosts the night before  Christmas         belonged to a once-rich, now mostly forgotten tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve.  Dickens’             supernatural yuletide terror was no outlier since for much of the 19th century, was the  holiday indisputably             associated with ghosts and specters.

     *Christmas in Savannah has always been a magical time of the year. However, for many of the less                       fortunate souls, the season brought tragedy and disaster.  Grab a hot cup of cocoa and join us as we                     resurrect the long lost tradition of the telling of ghost stories during the holiday season. Walkthrough                       Savannah with your own Paranormal Sensitive as your guide and hear stories of holidays past. Ghosts,                 ghost tour



    There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago...
    On this special Holiday Tour, we begin at our haunted parlor where you will be treated to s'mores and hot                beverages at the fire pit. Then we will walk the historic district to see St. Augustine's magical Nights of Lights!        The city will be all aglow under the enchanting twinkle of over 3 million holiday lights. There will be plenty of            photo ops along the way, and a chance of an encounter with the spirits of the Oldest City is always a                      possibility!  All of our tours and events are authentic and non-theatrical. It's the most wonderful tour of the year!



    This New Orleans Christmas tour serves up holiday spirit with a twist. A guide leads you past dazzling                    French Quarter Christmas displays while sharing historical tidbits, entertaining ghost stories, and local                    perspectives on the holiday season. Step into bars along the way to grab a drink to go—your guide can                  watch the kids while you’re inside, so feel free to bring the whole family along.

  • New Orleans Christmas tour of the French Quarter

  • Stroll past brilliant light displays, decorated balconies, and more

  • Learn about New Orleans history, culture, and ghost stories from your guide

  • Plenty of chances to fill your cup at local bars en route



    Christmas is a special time in New Orleans, it’s an experience that you and your family will not want to miss.          During the holiday season, the city is aglow with twinkling lights and decorated iron-laced balconies. During            this  tour guests will stroll thru the French Quarter and experience Christmas Nola Style. Guests will visit many      historic homes, museums, churches, even bars that are all decorated for the holiday season. Hear stories of          each locations history and it's importance to New Orleans   This tour also has New Orleans ghost and vampire      stories that have been passed down and well documented along with information on the famous New Orleans        voodoo. The tour group will have paranormal equipment offered for anyone interested in the ghost stories.              Guests will be allowed to stop and grab drinks at bars along the tour route.

    Welcome to the home of the New Orleans Drunken Tour....  Where learning is intoxicating.



   On this two-hour, family-run walking tour of the Big Easy, you’ll discover the history-packed French                         Quarter’s most impressive haunts, from St. Louis Cathedral to the ghostly home of Marie Laveau. Listen to             stories of voodoo and vampires along the way, using an EMF Meter to detect paranormal activity.                           Entertainment buffs can also get a peek at TV and filming locations.

  • A festive, mystery-filled walking tour of New Orleans

  • During the nighttime tours, see the city illuminated in twinkling lights and splashy decorations

  • Visit the exact location where the Louisiana Purchase was signed in 1803

  • Stop along the way in wine bars to enjoy a Big Easy cocktail (or two), at your own expense



    Hear stories about voodoo, ghosts, and even vampires on this 2-hour holiday tour of New                Orleans with a choice of three different departure times. Travel through the French Quarter, and      pass historical landmarks decorated and lit up for the holiday season. See the St. Louis                    Cathedral, as well as the spot where the Louisiana Purchase was signed in 1803. Watch your          guide try to find ghosts with a paranormal detector, and pass by Marie Laveau’s property. Plus        pop into at any of the bars you pass along the tour route for a drink (own expense).