About Us

Me and Peanut in the Paris Catacombs
What makes us unordinary?  While we do plan and book traditional cruises and trips, we also plan and book adventures that you will remember for a lifetime.  Check out the Un-Ordinary Stuff tab and you'll see what we mean. 
We are people that take travel seriously!  We see travel as more than just a getaway or a change of scenery.  We see travel as a way to learn, grow, and expand our knowledge of the world.
We plan travel for you as if you were our family.  We want to get the most for your travel dollar so you have stories to tell and memories to cherish.

Our Mission

Catacombs of Paris
St. Petersburg, Russia

Being avid travelers ourselves, we want to help you find the destination, the experience, the adventure that you seek!  We know it needs to be more than just booking a flight and hotel.  Let us know the type of experience you are seeking and we will work hard to get you what you want!

No Ordinary Travel works with well known suppliers to create trips and itineraries you will love and remember forever.  If you know what you want, LET US KNOW.  If you aren't sure, we can help you figure it out. 

In what types of travel do we specialize?  We offer full service travel planning but we specialize in cruises, the Caribbean, Europe, and Paranormal travel.  

There's no limit to the adventure you can have!  Go ahead, take a look around, and shoot me an email when you're ready.  Check out my blog page or go to NoOrdinaryTravelBlog.com.


No Ordinary Travel is a proud independent affiliate of Cruises & Tours Unlimited.