Our Mission

Catacombs of Paris

Do you want to escape life's responsibilities for a few days?  Do new cultures, languages, and cuisine interest you?  Do you want to create unique family memories your kids will remember forever?  

Being an avid traveler myself, I want to help you travel more and travel better!  Whether you want a tropical escape, a trip overseas to destinations rich in culture and history, a paranormal adventure, or a family cruise......don't worry!   We can help with visits to the Galapagos Islands, castle stays in Europe, or expeditions to Antarctica.  I am happy to help you have the best vacation ever!

No Ordinary Travel works with well known suppliers to create trips and itineraries that you will love and remember forever!  If you want something you don't see, PLEASE let me know.  With travel partners around the world, I bet we can find or create exactly what you are looking for.  We can find escorted tours or help you make arrangements for independent travel.

There is no limit to the adventures you can have!  Go ahead, take a look around, and shoot me an email when you're ready.  

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No Ordinary Travel is a proud independent affiliate of Cruises & Tours Unlimited.