European Masterpiece With 2 Nights In Transylvania (Westbound)

01/19/2020 through 10/17/2020
01/19/2020 through 11/13/2020
Avalon Waterways

Spectacular views await on your Main and Danube River cruise. Before your cruise, spend three nights in Romania- two nights in Transylvania and an overnight stay in Bucharest. Visit Brasov for a tour of Bran Castle-of Dracula lore and visit Peles Castle in the Carpathian Mountains.

Enjoy sightseeing in historic Bucharest before your Avalon YourWay cruise then begins in Fetesti to explore the Black Sea’s Danube Delta preserve. Cruise through the striking landscapes of the Balkans. Explore Rousse, Bulgaria’s largest inland port, or spend a full day with a guided tour of the Bulgarian capital of Veliko Trnovo. Visit Arbanassi, one of Bulgaria’s oldest towns.

Guided sightseeing In Vidin is followed by a guided tour of Belogradchik, with its ancient rock formations on the Balkan Mountains. You’ll sail through the majestic, narrow passage of the Iron Gates Gorge, followed by guided sightseeing in Vidin and an excursion to Belogradchik, with its ancient fortress and tremendous rock formations on the Balkan Mountains. In Serbia, take a guided tour of Belgrade, then see the most preserved Croatian fortress in Osijek. Attend a performance by young students of the Franjo Kuhac music school. Tour the historic town of Pécs before cruising to Budapest.

Explore Vienna’s Habsburg Empire-including the Imperial Palace, Vienna Opera House, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Visit delightful Dürnstein and Melk in the Wachau Valley. Visit delightful Dürnstein, and tour the Benedictine Abbey above Melk. Enjoy a guided city walk through the “City of Three Rivers”-Passau-before sailing to Regensburg. See the timbered houses of Roth, or tour Nuremberg’s historic sites, including Kaiserburg Castle or the Nuremberg Rally Grounds.

Take an excursion from Nuremberg to Munich to see the historic Nymphenburg Palace. In Bamberg, tour the city of seven hills, then enter Bavaria’s largest wine-producing region to visit to Kitzingen and the quaint town of Volkach. Visit Würzburg-the “Pearl of the Romantic Road,” as well as a charming Main River village. Your cruise concludes in Frankfurt.

Included Features:

Day 1 Bucharest: welcome to Bucharest

Day 2 Bucharest–Sinaia–Brasov: visit Peles Castle

Day 3 Brasov: guided tour of Brasov; guided visit of Dracula’s Bran Castle

Day 4 Brasov–Bucharest–Fetesti (Embarkation): guided sightseeing in Bucharest; transfer to ship; onboard welcome reception

Day 5 St. Gheorghe: excursion to Danube Delta; km 0 celebration

Day 6 Cernavoda. Excursion to Constanta: guided sightseeing, visit the National History and Archaeological Museum in Constanta

Day 7 Rousse. Excursion to Veliko Trnovo & Arbanassi: guided sightseeing, visit Tsarevet’s Fortress in Veliko Trnovo, and the Ethnographic Museum and the Church of the Nativity in Arbanassi; or guided sightseeing

Day 8 Vidin–Belogradchik: guided sightseeing to Vidin’s fortress, see the rock formations in Belogradchik

Day 9 Iron Gates–Donji Milanovac: scenic cruise through the Iron Gates gorge; visit Lepenski Vir archaeological site

Day 10 Belgrade: guided sightseeing

Day 11 Osijek: guided tour; concert performance

Day 12 Mohács. Excursion to Pécs: guided tour and organ concert in Pécs

Day 13 Budapest: guided tour

Day 14 Vienna: scenic sailing, pass through Bratislava

Day 15 Vienna: guided sightseeing

Day 16 Dürnstein–Wachau Valley–Melk: choice of guided tour, or hike up to the castle ruins in Dürnstein; scenic cruise through the Wachau Valley; guided tour of the Benedictine Abbey in Melk; wine tasting on board

Day 17 Passau: guided walk

Day 18 Regensburg: guided walk

Day 19 Roth: lecture on board; choice of guided sightseeing in Nuremberg or Roth, or Nuremberg Rally Grounds tour; beer tasting on board

Day 20 Nuremberg. Excursion to Munich: guided sightseeing in Munich, see the Marienplatz

Day 21 Bamberg: guided tour, see the Old Town Hall; beer tasting on board

Day 22 Volkach–Kitzingen: guided tours

Day 23 Würzburg: choice of guided tour, visit the Bishop’s Residenz, or guided hike

Day 24 Main river village: guided walk

Day 25 Frankfurt (Disembarkation): your vacation ends this morning


Day 1 Bucharest, Romania
Day 2 Bucharest – Sinaia – Brasov
Day 3 Brasov
Day 4 Brasov – Bucharest – Fetesti (Embarkation)
Day 5 St. Gheorghe. Excursion To The Danube Delta
Day 6 Cernavoda. Excursion To Constanta
Day 7 Rousse, Bulgaria. Veliko Trnovo & Arbanassi Excursion
Day 8 Vidin
Day 9 Donji Milanovac, Serbia – Iron Gates Gorge. Excursion To Lepenski Vir
Day 10 Belgrade, Serbia
Day 11 Osijek, Croatia
Day 12 Mohács, Hungary. Excursion To Pécs
Day 13 Budapest
Day 14 Vienna, Austria
Day 15 Vienna
Day 16 Dürnstein
Day 17 Passau, Germany
Day 18 Regensburg
Day 19 Roth. Excursion To Nuremberg
Day 20 Nuremberg. Excursion To Munich
Day 21 Bamberg
Day 22 Volkach
Day 23 Würzburg
Day 24 Main River Village
Day 25 Frankfurt

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